Rota Vicentina

Rota Vicentina is a network of walking trails along the Sw coast of Portugal, backed by private and public entities that consider Nature Tourism an essential tool for the development of this region.

Besides the implementation of the path, the project also foresees its integration into the region’s tourist offer and local community and its exposure at national and international level.

Comprising the Historical Way and the Fishermen’s Trail, also offers several Circular Routes, totalling 400 km to walk, along this coast which has so much to discover.

Natural Characteristics

Located in the Sw of Portugal, Alentejo and Vicentina Coast is the best preserved coastal area of southern Europe.

A true pearl, kept and tended for by its local inhabitants and by surprising natural values, that capture the hearts of more and more nature lovers and fans of active and sustainable tourism.

They can explore the rocks left uncovered at low tide, cliffs, dunes, the mouths of rivers and streams, coastal plains, temporary pools, the enclosed valleys, the clear water of rivers, forests of pines and oaks but also modified Man environments but where the biodiversity is remarkable, as assembled, meadows, orchards and olive groves.

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